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Tesla's Mistress

A New Musical Inspired by
Nikola Tesla's Life
by Mariénne Kreitlow

Tesla's Mistress

A New Musical Inspired by
Nikola Tesla's Life
by Mariénne Kreitlow
Tesla's Mistress Poster
Tesla's Mistress Poster

Nikola Tesla

Successful Launch of Tesla's Mistress!

Thanks to many generous donors, we raised over $9,500 for the reading, sponsored by The New Musical Theatre Exchange. Performances in the Twin Cities on October 23rd & 24th were well attended and audience members had a lot to say about the cast, songs, and story.

Check out the Sizzle Reel below and other videos from our amazing cast under media!

Donations were used for honorariums for the cast, a technician, director, orchestral arrangements, rehearsal & performance space, publicity, etc. This is the next step in achieving the ultimate goal of a fully-staged elaborate production.


Why was the inventor Nikola Tesla nearly written out of history?
Who was his mistress?
What secrets of his did a palm reader and a deposed princess reveal?
What was his obsession with pigeons?
And why did one of the world’s greatest geniuses die penniless?

Set in America during an era of endless innovations, men competitively grabbed for patent rights, money, power and fame, while Tesla lost at playing that game. This musical probes into his brilliant and undaunted psyche, exposing his human vulnerability through the eyes of the mostly-overlooked women who loved him. Scenes and songs range from hilarious to heart breaking, malicious to transcendent, humiliating to triumphant. Tesla's Mistress is a show about the endless bounty of creation and love revealed in strange and unexpected ways.

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Feedback From The
October Reading

"Wow! Tesla's Mistress was elevated and elevating." - Ann Brummer

"The title! Did not strike me until the end. Gave me chills." - F. Peterman

"I have followed Mariénne Kreitlow, Nikola Tesla, and Elon Musk, and they all 'think funny.' An artist or engineer who thinks beyond what's normal in the world sees differently. Tesla's Mistress is a result of such perception." - Tim Kiernan

"The wit of the script and songs with unexpected key changes playfully married the seriousness of the topic to create a surprising story. Not what I expected." - Kiri Bravinder

"Far from the same old same old formulaic musical. Engaging." - Kim Kotila

"I was not prepared to be so enthralled. There was something of beauty in every song. So much variety. And have I mentioned funny? The orchestration added so much." - Debbie Smith

"Every thematic overlap between electrical mechanics/innovation and personal qualities/development was immensely satisfying." - Rusty Lilja