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Tesla's Mistress

A New Musical Inspired by
Nikola Tesla's Life
by Mariénne Kreitlow

Tesla's Mistress

A New Musical Inspired by
Nikola Tesla's Life
by Mariénne Kreitlow
Tesla's Mistress Poster
Tesla's Mistress Poster

What other supporters are saying…

“You painted a picture of a sensitive, delicate, brilliant man, distant from his native culture, both striving to achieve his dreams and being at the mercy of the times of expanding industrialism.”
– Bartley Johnson, Electrical Engineer

Bartley Johnson, electrical engineer

Ashley Larson, actor

"What a remarkable if bizarrely unsung hero Tesla was. Your script has such vivacity and ingenuity! I love the playfulness of the banter and the delicious artistry of the Muses interwoven with such careful attention to detail. Like the very embroidered bag they create!"
- Ashley Larson, actor

“I was drawn to this magical and a little bit kooky musical because of the way Mariénne uses beautiful imagery, extended metaphors, and a diverse array of music to form a unique approach, revealing the lesser known personal side of Tesla”
- Eric Heltemes, Orchestral arranger

Eric Heltemes, Orchestral arranger

Princess Vilma

"Tesla is tormented, burdened, haunted by genius mind. But I see as masterpiece he is. Full intricate canvas. I capture him this way. He is favorite subject to sit for me. Influence beyond time."
- Princess Vilma, the artist who painted Tesla's only portrait (conveyed via actor Nicole Korbisch)

Princess Vilma's Painting

Elton Witt

"An engaging story beautifully interwoven with potent music, an impressive amount of technical information, and fresh insights into the life and mind of Nikola Tesla."
- Elton Witt, Aerospace Engineer and Songwriter

“Flowing melodies weave a wonderful musical tapestry supporting the important story of the life and loves of this too-neglected genius.” – Robert Elhai, award-winning music composer, orchestrator, and arranger

Robert Elhai

Maggie Burr, actor

"I love the idiosyncrasies of this show and the expansive roles for women. Entwining history and magic with vulnerability, Tesla's Mistress works!” - Maggie Burr, actor

“Tesla’s Mistress brings to light the idiosyncratic qualities that made the bearer of this famous name the troubled genius that he was." - Janet Preus, director/author/composer/lyricist

Janet Preus